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Risotto – Better prepared In U.S. than any Pasta dish. I have no idea why this is, but, I can guess. For one, Risotto is surprisingly easy to make.  Despite all the hoopla and magic surrounding it any fifth grader can prepare Risotto with ease.  Another reason is that Americans are […]

Risotto – Better Prepared In The U.S.

Experience the ultimate, the healthiest, Mediterranean Diet Pasta Sauce Recipe of them all – Salsa di Pomodoro Cruda or Raw Tomato Sauce. I bought beautifully ripe, locally grown, on the vine tomatoes for .99 cents a pound yesterday, so this is a Mediterranean Diet recipe anyone can afford.  It’s also […]

Mediterranean Diet Recipe – Salsa di Pomodora Cruda

Tomato Sauce and tomatoes are universally associated with Italian Food … And for good reason. Tomatoes and tomato sauce are both important components of many Italian Food recipes. In a perfect world one would walk outside to their garden and gather tomatoes to make tomato sauce. You could choose from […]

Tomato Sauce – A Superb, Simple and Authentic Recipe

Lasagne Verdi alla Bolognese is a dish to approach with the reverence Italians show it. And at a moment when you have plenty of time to enjoy the process. Lasagne is an absolute masterpiece of Italian cuisine. A dish you do properly or not all. That means a recipe with […]

Lasagne Verdi alla Bolognese – best recipe!

Approach this legendary long and slow simmered Pasta Sauce – Ragù alla Napoletana – on bended knee. It is the pride of the rich cuisine of Naples. And can move Neapolitans to tears! It’s traditionally served over pasta. Pasta Sauce (Ragù alla Napoletana) origins lie among the upper middle classes, not […]

Pasta Sauce – the best Ragù alla Napoletana

Lasagna Napoletana is La Gran Lasagna di Carnevale Napoletana An appropriately distinguished full name for this feast day dish to enjoy on Sundays and for special celebrations. Essentially, it’s party fare to relish at gatherings of family and friends. Once Lasagna Napoletana was associated with Mardi Gras. That’s the last day […]

Lasagna Napoletana Recipe

“Most Italians would pull a face at the very thought of spaghetti and meatballs. For at best this combination makes no sense.” Spaghetti and sauce should come together in one mouthful. And large meatballs, as well as Bolognese ragù, should slip and slide off the slippery cylindrical spaghetti. So where […]

Spaghetti and Meatballs Recipe

Is this an oxymoron or reality?  Just what constitutes food that is healthful?  There are many opinions but very few scientific studies. The massive Nurse’s Health Study, the largest ever conducted, concluded that a Mediterranean Diet consisting of fresh fruit, vegetables, grains, fish and low fat meats, and olive oil […]

Is Italian Food Healthy?

Julie & Julia (Julia Child) & Pasta.  This is a short story about Julia Child, “La Gigantessa”,  and her “Kentucky Wonder Pasta” moment with my mother Lucrezia. As the crow flies the farm I grew up on is less than 6 miles up Massachusetts Avenue to Harvard Square, smack dab […]

Julie Julia Child & Pasta “La Gigantessa”

Olives are important to Italian cooking.  In fact it’s difficult to explain just how important olives are to Italians and other Mediterraneans. Growing up I remember our kitchen being stocked with no fewer than four different types of olives at any one time. From late August to November there were […]

Olives – Important to Italian Cooking

Pasta Super Food ?  In a recent blog “Is Pasta Healthy For You” we explored some of the most recent nutrition science and discovered that Pasta is indeed VERY healthy for you when prepared extra firm or AL DENTE.  We outlined the most recent finding about how healthy The Mediterranean […]

Pasta Super Food ?

This is one of my favorite dishes. Check it out plus another recipe you’ve likely never tried. They’re incredibly easy, delicious and healthy. Chicken Pasta Salmoriglio (Citrus) – for 2 (20 minutes!) Chicken Thighs – 3 skinless and boned thighs Garlic – 3 medium cloves Oranges – 2 medium Lemon […]

Fabulous Chicken Pasta

Is Pasta healthy for you?  Read on. The “Pasta healthy for you” question we addressed by researching different studies, but, in reality, only one major study to date has any real science behind the Pasta healthy question and that is The Nurse’s Health Study (NHS).   Started in 1976 by Dr. […]

Is Pasta Healthy for You ?

Pasta in Padella – those magic words!  The first step to perfect Pasta in Padella is to make sure it is cooked AL DENTE, or extra firm, never soft or soggy. Step two, complete your Pasta in Padella, or literally, in the pan. This makes the difference between what you’ve […]

Pasta In Padella

Some years ago I was anxious to try out an Italian restaurant that had just opened outside of Boston, Massachusetts. The proprietors, a truly engaging and entertaining couple, were the new darlings of PBS’s food programming. They even approached Julia Child’s star status for a time. Their Italian cookbook was […]

Pasta Showdown